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  • Weekly TIP List
    Weekly Transportation TIP List

    Transportation TIP List: Week of April 10th, 2016

    - by Transplace

    With the 2016 MLB season officially underway, you may already be hoping that your favorite home team will be this year’s World Series Champions. But only time will tell, of course. In the meantime, our TIP List this week looks at some contenders for game-changing performance in the supply chain and transportation industry, including small commercial drones, new rules for food shippers and the Internet of Things. Let’s play ball!

  • Intermodal
    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    Expanded Eagle Premium Service Delivers Intermodal Opportunities

    - by Transplace

    Union Pacific, in conjunction with Ferrocarril Mexicano (FXE), has recently introduced expanded service on the Eagle Premium rail line and now offers new routes connecting the city of Silao in central Mexico to Chicago and Memphis. As a direct result of this service expansion, central Mexico is now bridged with the Midwest, Canada and the Southeast – opening up a number of new and exciting possibilities for shippers and offering them extensive benefits.

  • Miscellaneous
    Transportation TIP List: Week of December 11th, 2016

    Growth and Improvements in the Mexico Rail Network

    - by Transplace

    Twenty years ago, there was only one railroad in Mexico, which was run by a public agency and broken into three regional classes. At that time, there needed to be tremendous improvements to rail service, engines and cars, and to key infrastructure such as bridges and tracks. Then in 1995, the Mexican government announced that a railroad privatization project would begin.

    The private railroad companies that now manage the railroad lines currently have a 50-year concession from the federal government to operate them (while the land that the railroads operate on is still government property). With the private sector’s takeover of railroad operations, dedicated investments started to make real improvements to the entire system. And to date, over 5 Billion U.S. dollars from these private companies have been invested into the Mexican rail system.

  • Capacity Services

    Important Topics Facing Mexico Today: Part 2 – Transportation and Logistics

    - by Transplace

    Part two of this series discusses how some important Mexican economic topics are impacting the transportation and logistics industry, and how they’re directly affecting companies doing business there today. Here’s what’s going in the current market, how it’s going to affect both shippers and carriers alike and what to expect in the coming years:

  • International Logistics
    Transplace Logistically Speaking-Mockup1

    It’s Time to Strengthen Trade Opportunities with Our North & South American Neighbors

    - by Transplace

    Jump Start 2014 in Atlanta was a great event filled with a lot of interaction amongst shippers and logistics companies.

    A major topic of focus was the current situation and trade opportunities with both our North American and South American partners.

    On the minds of many attendees were questions surrounding what we can expect to see in the near future when it comes to Mexico and the Panama Canal, and just as importantly – how that will affect exports.

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