Ocean Carrier Alliances Part 2: What Do New Carrier Alliances Mean for You?

By: Mollie Bailey, Director, International, LCB, Transplace In our recent Shipper Symposium Series Webinar, I discussed some new ocean carrier alliances that have come about in 2017. In part one of this blog post, I shared what the industry has looked like over the past ten years and which global ocean carriers have partnered. In […]

Ocean Carrier Alliances Part 1: New Carrier Alliances in 2017

By: Mollie Bailey, Director, International, LCB, Transplace While the changing atmosphere of ocean carrier alliances for containerized cargo isn’t something new, it’s certainly top of mind for many shippers and carriers alike thanks to a tumultuous last few years. In our recent Shipper Symposium Series Webinar, I discussed these alliances and what they mean for […]

NAFTA and Mexican Free Trade: Aiding Our Neighbor to the South

By: Troy Ryley, Senior Vice President,  Mexico, Transplace *Note: A version of this article previously appeared in the Adam Smith Project, a new initiative on trade from the publishers of American Shipper. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its effect on the United States has been a much-talked-about topic recently, and there exists a desire […]

Mexican Fuel Price Hike: What You Need to Know

By: Ben Enriquez, SVP Transportation Services In Mexico, the government controls fuel prices, and has done so for many years – and the intent of deregulating the country’s fuel market has been to reflect global fuel pricing conditions. However, in the past three years, the current government has not adjusted diesel prices in accordance with […]

International Transportation Services Are Changing – Are You Keeping Up?

By: Sheila Hewitt, Vice President, International Logistics, Transplace International logistics services have changed over the last few years and are continuing to evolve. The change has been customer driven, and is due to many of the major global players letting their infrastructure lapse in keeping up with the demands of the global supply chain. When […]

Looking Forward: The Rise in Trade with Mexico and Canada

By: John Kelly, President of Transplace Canadian Division Nearshoring and even re-shoring have become very real happenings in North America. Due to a number of factors, including increased production costs in China, a rise in shipping costs for ocean and air freight, congested ports and labor unrest, many companies have chosen to move product manufacturing […]