Shipper Symposium Series Webinar Recap: Bid Activity Strategies and Trends

By: Ben Cubitt, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Strategic Carrier Management, Transplace & Ratna Prabhu, Engineering Lead, Transplace Bid optimization and procurement are truly foundational for companies to achieve supply chain excellence and drive value. Procurement process and bid activities have a significant impact on shippers and carriers, making it critical for companies to establish […]

Going Beyond Brokerage: How North American Capacity Solutions Can Go to Work for You

By: Matthew Menner, SVP, Strategic Account Management and Brian Kenney, SVP, Truck Brokerage, Capacity Solutions   With 2017 now in full swing, many companies are evaluating their current logistics strategies and looking to make structural improvements in the new year and beyond. In order to see the best return, some shippers immediately look to making […]

From Field to Fork: The Future of the Cold Chain

By: Jay Moss, President, Specialized Services, Transplace With winter temperatures fully upon us, it’s a great time to take a look at all of the latest cold chain industry trends. Recently, this sector has seen some shifts with the ongoing implementation of new regulations and continuing advances in technology. Below are a few choice trends, challenges […]

ELD Survey Series: ELDs and the Long-Term Industry Impact

By: Ben Cubitt, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Strategic Carrier Management In part 1 of this series, I discussed the recent ELD Survey conducted by Transplace in order to gain insight into the implementation preparedness of transportation carriers and the expected industry impact of these devices. In this post, I’ll outline more of the key […]

2016 Q1 and Q2 Logistics Review

By: Tom Sanderson, CEO, Transplace The first and second quarters of 2016 have flown by. As we’re moving into mid-summer, I want to review some the most significant ups and downs in the transportation and logistics industry. In my year-end blog, I shared insights on capacity, housing, auto and legislature. Below you’ll find key highlights from […]

Driving Toward Dedicated Fleets

By: Ben Cubitt, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Procurement Tightening capacity and driver shortages are prompting both shippers and carriers to look toward cost-effective solutions to attract and retain new drivers. More and more frequently, these shippers and carriers are turning to dedicated fleets to drive efficiency and performance. And by using this type […]

The Holidays (And Seasonal Demand) are About to Hit: Is Your Supply Chain Prepared?

Managing the supply chain to match customer demand is difficult any time of year, but peak seasons can add a number of particular challenges. During the holiday season, companies need to capture as many sales as possible without overestimating demand and ending the season saddled with excess stock. Depending on the type of product, holiday […]

Transportation TIP List – March 2015

With March Madness coming to an exciting conclusion, we’re taking a quick “timeout” to make sure you’re up-to-date on the most current compelling stories in the transportation industry. The focus of this month’s TIP list is the future – from cyberattacks and new technologies, to a possible radical transformation of the “traditional” supply chain, these […]

Real Talk: The Capacity Crunch and What You Can Do About It

Capacity constraints can have a significant impact on a company’s transportation and logistics activities. While 2015 is faring better than last year, we all know it can be fleeting. And with produce season right around the corner, capacity is going to start tightening up again. Effectively planning for short-term and long-term capacity restrictions can mean […]