The Food Safety Modernization Act: The Final Rule

By: Pamela Johnston, Esq., Vice President, Legal and Risk In part 1 of this blog post, I discussed the proposed Sanitary Transport of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) Rules. These rules establish criteria that will apply in determining whether food will be deemed adulterated because it has been transported or offered for transport under conditions […]

5 Improvements for Driving Positive Sourcing Outcomes

Today, sourcing has become a common discipline in supply chain and transportation management. And over time, an organizational expectation has been established that transportation modes will be sourced and cost will be taken out of the network with some regularity. However, meeting these expectations while maintaining service year-over-year has become more challenging. To get more […]

The American Chemistry Council Annual Meeting: Looking Ahead to ACC 2016

Each June, top executives from both international and U.S.-based companies gather together at the American Chemistry Council’s Annual Meeting to discuss the latest regulatory, business and legislative trends that are affecting the chemical industry. This meeting is a wonderful opportunity for those in the industry to network with one another and hear insightful speakers shed […]

Transportation TIP List: Week of May 29th, 2016

Developments in the supply chain and logistics segments may not always commence with much pomp and circumstance, but a number of them do go on to earn top honors in the industry. This graduation season, our weekly TIP List congratulates some current supply chain standouts, including a recent bill to reform Hours of Service rules […]