Improve Your Transportation Management Program with Lean Six Sigma

By: George Abernathy, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Transplace Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a quality initiative program that provides value to both customers and employees. LSS provides an opportunity for employees to be able to obtain a skill set and training in an area that brings value to their company and customers through the […]

5 Most Important Leadership Responsibilities

At this year’s Shipper Symposium, leadership principles and best practices were shared with attendees including relevant guidance for helping enhance management expertise professionally and personally. Leadership is what makes a company great over the long term. Effective business leaders influence and inspire to create a successful business culture that allows team members to think innovatively […]

A Holistic Roadmap for Uncovering Your Transportation Network Savings

Shippers are continuously looking for ways to reduce their transportation costs. Yet, transportation doesn’t lack when it comes to complexity with its many moving parts. Add in the need for smart resources, strong industry experience and quality skills needed to ensure that transportation networks are optimized, and inefficiencies can easily creep in. By looking holistically […]