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    Choosing the Right Degree Doesn’t Have to Be Labor-Intensive

    - by Transplace

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the first Monday in September is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. This holiday recognizes the contributions our nation’s workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of the U.S.

    As Labor Day approaches, we reflect on what it means to work in logistics and put together a fun infographic highlighting reasons why supply chain management isn’t just a job – it’s an exciting and important career that many are choosing to pursue.

    Wondering how you can benefit from a career in supply chain management? See our holiday-inspired infographic to find out more!

  • International Logistics

    Real Talk: The Impact of the Mexico Energy Ruling

    - by Transplace

    Last week, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed new laws that opened Mexico’s closed energy sector to private firms.  Having been closed since 1938, these rulings will have important short- and long-term effects on the energy industry as well as a significant impact on transportation and logistics. Troy Ryley, Managing Director, Mexico at Transplace, and Alaster Love, Vice President of Oil and Gas for Transplace, sat down with us recently to discuss just what exactly the impact of this ruling will have.

  • Intermodal

    Innovative Solutions for the Mexican Market: It’s Full Steam Ahead for Union Pacific South of the Border

    - by Transplace

    There are a number of current issues impacting truckload transportation between the U.S. and Mexico, including driver shortages, long wait times and tightened capacity. In order to continue to make rail and intermodal a viable – and economical – option for cross-border transportation, Union Pacific Railroad is focusing on enhancing the safety, velocity and reliability of its rail systems.

    Union Pacific has been investing significantly to support north/southbound volume and gateway access in Mexico. Much of this spending goes toward maintenance and capacity, and the company has also decided to continue investing in double tracking for many of its corridors to add freight capacity – the necessity of which points to strong growth of the Mexican-U.S. gateway.

  • Capacity Services

    4 Key Areas of Focus For Attaining Preferred Shipper Status

    - by Transplace

    We recently conducted a Preferred Shipper Program Survey to uncover best practices for becoming a shipper of choice for carriers. According to Ben Cubitt, Senior Vice President, Consulting & Engineering for Transplace, “Carriers want shippers to be partners at every level and work together to boost productivity and efficiency.”

    What can you do to achieve “preferred shipper” status? Check out our latest infographic to find out!

  • Transportation Management

    Supply Chain Talent Takes Off

    - by Transplace

    I recently graduated from Transplace’s Professional Development Program (PDP), a 2 to 3 year rotational program that allows participants to take on various transportation and operational roles. Created in 2012, the PDP serves 2 primary objectives:

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