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  • International Logistics

    Innovative Solutions for the Mexican Market: Hershey Mexico’s TMS Implementation

    - by Transplace

    In August of 2013, Hershey Mexico, a subsidiary of the largest chocolate producer in North America, went through a highly successful Transportation Management System (TMS) implementation. The company had been discussing their growth plan for the upcoming years, and realized that it was necessary to optimize their transportation network and operations.

  • Intermodal

    “Time is Money” – And Intermodal Can Save You Both

    - by Transplace

    The U.S.–Mexico border is one of the busiest and most economically important borders in the world, with nearly a billion dollars’ worth of goods crossing each day – 80% of which are crossing by truck or train.¹ Driving this trend are manufacturers and CPG companies that are seeking out Mexico as the preferred location for near-sourcing their operations. A growing number of U.S. retailers have begun opening stores in Mexico to grow their customer base and drive profits by capitalizing on the country’s developing middle class.

  • Business - Transportation

    Top 10 Tips for Successful Truckload Sourcing

    - by Transplace

    “Shippers are risk adverse and would rather align with core carriers to keep service high,” said Cindy Bosecker, Director of Engineering for Transplace and webinar presenter, after sharing a “Truckload Bid Savings Gap Analysis 2008-2014-Q1” visual at a recent webinar focused on truckload sourcing.

    That webinar, “The Three B’s in Truckload Sourcing Best Practices: Better Planning, Better Bidding & Better Decision Making” included insight not only from Cindy, but also representatives of Big Heart Pet Brands, SciQuest and colleague Ben Cubitt, Transplace SVP, Consulting and Engineering. Transportation sourcing event planning, bidding and decision-making best practices and examples were discussed, including top tips to keep in mind.

  • Capacity Services

    Advanced Bid Design – Robust Lane and Carrier Classification

    - by Transplace

    There are three critical phases or elements of a truckload bid event – the upfront development of bid strategy, the execution of the bid, and the use of scenario management tools to drive final bid assignments. This post is focused on the middle phase – bid execution – and shares Transplace’s tips on how to use advanced robust lane and carrier classification to optimize bid results.

    Every shipper understands that “a lane is not always a lane” and that not all carriers are created equal. Given that, there are two types of lane classifications that need to be considered. The first is overall lane requirements and freight characteristics.  These include lane requirements like live load or drop trailer, typical order lead time (less than 24 hours, 24 to 48 hours, greater than 48 hours, etc.), and equipment required.

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