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  • International Logistics

    P3 Alliance Fall-Out – What Next?

    - by Transplace

    Last week, China took a hard stance and rejected the P3 Alliance. The P3 Alliance is very unusual in that it was to be a formalized network creating an alliance between the three largest global container lines – Maersk Line of Denmark, CMA CGM of France and the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).  Both the United States and European Union regulators waved the deal through – however, the fact that the Chinese decided not to participate in the alliance was a shock for many globally and for our North American-based customers, because everyone assumed that it was a “done deal.”

    The alliance was originally proposed because all parties, including shippers, importers and NVOs, are looking for rate stabilization. Ocean carrier pricing is a complex model involving many factors, and in recent years many trades have seen increased rate volatility along with carriers continually introducing additional capacity, which increases supply and thus drives down rates.

  • Shipper Symposium

    Shipper Symposium Snippets!

    - by Transplace

    Twelve years in and we couldn’t be more thrilled that our Shipper Symposium has become such a great gathering of economic, transportation and logistics leaders.  Connecting our customers and partners with each other and listening to speakers address everything from NAFTA and cross-border shipping to fueling talent into supply chain logistics has led to true collaboration in the transportation industry. 2014 just might be at the top of our list for the best Shipper Symposium yet!

    Remembering some of the things we learned from this year’s speakers got us thinking about how we could share these Shipper Symposium tidbits with you.

  • Transportation Management

    Customer Perspective: What Does it Take to Maintain a Great Partnership?

    - by Transplace

    It takes some serious time and effort to maintain a great, long-lasting partnership, but when that time and effort pays off, there can be extensive benefits for both parties.

    For example, chemical customers are very different from other industries – electronic chemical is a highly demanding market, creating parts of chips for laptops, cellphones, iPads, and other technology. It’s important that the manufacturers have materials exactly when they need them, as it’s very expensive to shut down production for even a short amount of time.

  • Transportation Management

    Customer Perspective: Do Your Partnerships Pack a Punch?

    - by Transplace

    Partnerships are extremely important on a number of levels, and they drive so much of what we do in our industry – but what exactly are the ins-and-outs of a strong, mutually-beneficial partnership?

    While the term “partnership” is very over-used in many industries, fundamentally, it means that both parties working together are achieving the desired results. However, when KMG Chemicals began looking for a partnership, we were looking for something that was far more structured in order to be beneficial on a much higher level.

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