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  • Transportation Management

    Winning the Logistics Battle Against Accessorial Charges

    - by Transplace

    A lot of small equals big.  Without innovative strategy and a watchful eye, accessorial charges quickly add up, whittling away at your profits. Consequently, it is important to work with providers that will fight hard to ensure that your bottom line does not suffer from these avoidable extra costs.

    Accessorial charges present obvious complexities, but understanding how they are trending can empower logistics management teams to reach new standards in mitigating these add-ons.  To that end, Transplace’s Consulting & Engineering team recently conducted the Accessorial Benchmarking Project – a study that revealed accessorial charge trends by identifying the most common core and miscellaneous charges, the percentage of shippers actually billing those charges and the rates they are charging. These insights not only assist in negotiating transportation spends on the front end, but also serve to inform transportation management strategists where to focus their efforts in avoiding them all together.

  • Transportation Management

    A Quick Look Ahead: RILA 2014

    - by Transplace

    I’m looking forward to attending RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference next week (San Diego, Feb 23-26) for a number of reasons – and not just because the weather should be better! First and foremost, RILA is simply a great gathering of diverse retail supply chain professionals.  It’s also one of the most focused industry events that I’ve attended, as it exhibits a targeted, almost devout focus on logistics and the supply chain matters with respect to the retail industry and associated service providers.  This conference serves the needs of all the key constituencies in the industry, including the supply chain providers and retailers themselves while keeping a keen eye on what makes it all go – the consumer.

  • Capacity Services

    Not Just Another Man’s Broker: The Merit of Third Party Logistics Services Versus Brokerage Services

    - by Transplace

    As the old saying goes, “One man’s 3PL is another man’s broker.” A couple of years ago, I spoke on a CSCMP panel led and moderated by Tom Escott that “debated” the merits, differences and advantages of a shipper’s relationship with a 3PL versus a broker. It was a lively and enjoyable session, and I felt that both service types described well their value propositions. Both 3PLs and brokers serve as an intermediary between shippers and carriers – and depending on the service being provided – 3PLs can look like brokers and brokers can look like 3PLs. This is why “broker” and “3PL” are often used interchangeably. But just because they can provide a similar service, doesn’t mean they are the same, or that the provider you have is delivering the type of service your company really needs.

  • Shipper Symposium

    Here’s a Sneak Peek of Shipper Symposium 2014!

    - by Transplace

    We’re really looking forward to spring, and not just for the warmer weather! Spring means our Shipper Symposium is right around the corner!  Hard to believe, but this the 12th year of our signature industry event, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring together a group of industry experts with steeped backgrounds and unique perspectives on global, national and local transportation opportunities and challenges.

    Here’s a quick preview of two of the speakers we are particularly excited to hear in May:

  • Industry News

    Proactively Survive Mother Nature’s Fury

    - by Transplace

    Polar vortex, snowmageddon, icepocalypse…frighteningly cold and icy weather has been splashed across headlines multiple times in the past months, and there’s more winter on the way.

    For the transportation industry, winter weather disruptions have frozen capacity, driving pent-up demand for trucks when markets re-open and wreaking havoc on schedules everywhere.

    Proactively survive Mother Nature’s fury. Listen to the latest podcast from Logistically Speaking.

  • International Logistics

    It’s Time to Strengthen Trade Opportunities with Our North & South American Neighbors

    - by Transplace

    Jump Start 2014 in Atlanta was a great event filled with a lot of interaction amongst shippers and logistics companies.

    A major topic of focus was the current situation and trade opportunities with both our North American and South American partners.

    On the minds of many attendees were questions surrounding what we can expect to see in the near future when it comes to Mexico and the Panama Canal, and just as importantly – how that will affect exports.

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