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    Our Favorite Transplace Moments from 2013

    - by Transplace

    After hearing “My Favorite Things” being played during this holiday season, we got to thinking about some of our “favorite” moments from 2013. As we look back over this eventful year, we recap below some of the best Transplace moments:

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    Getting the Most Out of Your Freight Broker: Part 3

    - by Transplace

    Rounding out our 3-part series on getting more from your freight broker, we turn our attention to supply chain visibility and disruptions, and how critical this partnership becomes when the unexpected happens.

    The globalization of manufacturing and its supply chain has created a transportation network at considerable risk of disruption. Blizzards, tornado outbreaks, hurricane events and other natural disasters all impact regional infrastructure and vital systems within the affected areas.  But the true chaos begins after the event —supply chain disruptions are inevitable after large-scale disasters and political unrest. The more companies can do to improve their transportation visibility and agility, the better prepared they are to mitigate the impact of both major disasters as well as navigate around the daily disruptions, such as market fluctuations in capacity and pricing.  Below are five key steps to ensure your company and your freight broker are fully prepared for events that could disrupt your transportation needs:

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