Sweet Recognition: Transplace’s Employee Award Programs

CaptureBy: Jessica Lynch, Vice President of HR, Transplace

Throughout the month of July, we’ll be sharing our “Sweet 16” anniversary as a company with you here on Logistically Speaking. In this post, I’ll be highlighting some of our internal employee programs and how we award those who have truly gone above and beyond for our customers. Let’s dive in to the recognition programs that we have here at Transplace!

Transplace Challenge Coins

Transplace Challenge Coins are awarded to employees who are recognized for excellence demonstrated through dedication to our Core Values. The coins are meant to be carried as a daily reminder, and the idea of the Challenge Coins have a history with the military. There are six coins — one representing each of the four Transplace Core Values, plus a Transplace Coin and the President’s Coin:

  • Respect the Individual Coin – We treat our colleagues, customers and suppliers with dignity and respect.
  • Thrill the Customer Coin – We strive to create the greatest service value to our customers, settle for nothing less than service excellence and have the honesty to admit where we fall short and the courage to improve.
  • Process & Technology Excellence Coin – We are proud of our accomplishments, but are never satisfied with our results and relentlessly pursue continuous improvement.
  • Growth & Profitability Coin – We owe it to ourselves and to our shareholders to be a vibrant, growing and profitable company.
  • Transplace Coin – Demonstrating excellence with respect to all our core values translates directly to the continued growth and success of our company.
  • President’s Coin – In every interaction, project and process, we must demonstrate commitment to the success of Transplace.

Each coin is awarded by a different member of our executive leadership team, and the recipient is determined at the executive’s discretion based on input and feedback from other company leaders – making receiving one of these coins a real achievement!

Transplace Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year

Transplace Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year recognitions empower all employees to nominate others for excellent contribution during the year. All employees are eligible (excluding Executives and VP’s) to be nominated for this award, and all employees may nominate others or themselves. This award provides company-wide visibility into employees that “go above and beyond” to make a very meaningful and significant impact to Transplace or its customers.

Their Stories: Great Employees

Celtic Intermodal Coordinator, Tracie Flaischaker was recently lauded for her great customer service. The customer, a leading retailer, commented on her proactive communication and stated that she “stays on top of their freight and always communicates” to keep them informed. Additionally, Tracie helped to suggest routing sequences for this customer’s multi-stop shipments in order to keep the dray carriers out of route miles to a minimum – since the customer’s optimization software does not consider the origin ramp location, thus creating inefficient pick up routes at times. The customer’s load planners commented that they have confidence in Tracie’s ability to ensure their freight gets picked up, especially during their peak season.

Rob Aydelette, Transportation Broker II, was selected as the Transplace April 2016 Employee of the Month. Rob consistently goes above and beyond his scope of duties to thrill both internal and external customers, and demonstrates a focus on proactive customer service. Additionally, Rob always handles situations with a sense of urgency. He stays late to follow a situation through, he assists the afterhours team when he knows there is a load that has become “hot” and needs extra attention. He is always the go-to Broker when help is needed late at night or even on the weekends. He has a can do attitude, and exhausts every effort to ensure customer satisfaction!

Morgan Phipps, Strategic Carrier Manager, was selected as the February 2016 Employee of the Month. Morgan has been a crucial process owner in a substantial amount of the Value Improvement Savings Program projects for a leading CPG customer, achieving a total savings  of $270,946 so far – and Morgan has been directly responsible for $199,821 of this achievement. She has been the key driver of this customer’s truckload bid, intermodal bid and current interim bid. Her leadership has been critical to realizing significant savings and she was also a key driver in securing pack season capacity as well as alternate capacity. Morgan’s dedication to the customers’ business, work ethic and insights are some of the very best that Transplace has to offer our customers.

Pride Awards

Founded in 2013, our Peer Recognition Program has created formulized awards based on integrity and excellence from our employees at Transplace. In particular, our PRIDE Awards (Peer Recognition for Initiative, Dedication and Excellence) empower employees and managers to recognize peers and employees for contribution at any time throughout the year and provides a tool to formalize a “thank you” for excellence. Any single employee can recognize any other employee, and this isn’t limited to organizational or location boundaries.

If an employee at Transplace sees a colleague going above and beyond, he or she can recognize that employee and send a formal “thank you” through the PRIDE Award system, which is also shared with person’s manager and relevant leadership. These awards further help us to live out our core values and leadership principles and allow for a truly collaborative spirit within Transplace.

Stay tuned here on Logistically Speaking all month as we’ll be sharing some very powerful employee success stories that you won’t want to miss!

Shipper Symposium Snippets: 2016 Edition!

Our 14th annual Shipper Symposium continued its strong logistics legacy by bringing together leading supply chain and economic visionaries to tackle a broad range of important topics. From trends in the economy that are having a worldwide impact on the transportation of goods, to strategic business solutions for ongoing success, these speakers all brought great insight to the table. We had an amazing time connecting with our customers and partners at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, and had some truly enlightening discussions on new ideas for a strong transportation future.

Since we learned so much from the speakers this year, we wanted to share some of the key moments that really got us thinking. The infographic below showcases the standout quotes from a wide range of speakers at Shipper Symposium 2016. Read on for these intriguing “Shipper Snippets”!

SS Snippet

*Click on the image above for full view.

See for yourself what our speakers had to say at this year’s Shipper Symposium by checking out our event videos.

Be sure to save the date for our 15th Annual Shipper Symposium, taking place May 8th – 10th in Austin, Texas!

What did you think of the speakers at Shipper Symposium 2016? Which quote was your favorite?

Transportation TIP List: Week of July 17th, 2016

With both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions upon us, we would like to nominate some trending industry candidates with impressive platforms for our weekly TIP List. This week, our votes go to standout stories such as the ELD mandate, the Panama Canal and robots in manufacturing.

  • Robots Eye Jobs in Food Service, Manufacturing: Managers and dental hygienists: your jobs are safe. Safe from robots, anyway. A McKinsey & Co. report says those jobs are among the least likely to be automated in the next decade.
  • Global NG Fuel Stations Expected to Approach 39,300 by 2026: A new report from Navigant Research examines the global market for the deployment of natural gas (NG) refueling infrastructure. Low crude oil prices have put pressure on the market for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and the corresponding refueling infrastructure.

What current trends are you following closely this week? Let us know in the comments!

Customer Service Takes the Cake

AIBy: Ashley Ingram, HR Business Partner and Training (HRBP), Transplace

We are excited to continue our “Sweet 16” birthday celebration all month long, which honors the company’s 16 years in business. This week, we focus on what Transplace believes is our greatest asset – our people and the high-quality customer service they deliver. Our company makes it a point to value teams and invest in our employees’ professional growth to uphold the company mission. We do so by first emphasizing the importance of thrilling the customer every single day and exceeding customer expectations with exceptional service with measurable results.

I’ve been a member of the Transplace team for six years, and during that time, I’ve seen first-hand how employees develop into great performers dedicated to the core values of the company. As a Human Resource and Training Partner, my main responsibility is no longer to cover freight, set up new carriers or track and trace shipments like it used to be when I worked in Operations. Rather, it is my responsibility to ensure that all employees have the tools and resources to do their job successfully and to feel confident and empowered to handle internal and external issues, solve problems and provide solutions with a smile on their face and a great attitude.

 Setting the Foundation

Transplace sets up the road to success for each new employee during their first 90 days. During that time, employees are immersed in a 90-Day New Hire Roadmap (learning plan) where they learn about the history and culture of Transplace, customer service fundamentals, forms of communication and the importance of work-life balance. In addition, we have a customer service course which is taught live across all of our Centers of Operational Excellence (COEs). This customer service training has become one of the greatest internal employee programs and is a central piece of our company culture. The training focuses on the fact that all employees have the responsibility to provide excellent customer service consistently – because doing so is a key competitive differentiator for Transplace.

And company training doesn’t stop at customer service. The 90 Day Roadmap and subsequent training ties in with our Core Values. We have a corporate goal that each employee completes at least 24 hours of training per year through both internal and external initiatives. “Thrilling the Customer” and “Respecting the Individual” are part of our core values and are considered the utmost priority, so it’s very important that we’re constantly cultivating skills such as listening, problem-solution orientation and thinking about how we can go the extra mile. Solving problems and offering alternative solutions also tie in with our Core Value “Process and Technology Excellence.” When employees identify a problem and can provide a solution within their control, they are eligible to participate in a “Quick Win,” which is one part of our Lean Six Sigma program. This is just a small sampling of how Transplace continuously thrills the customer and keeps customer service a central focus.

Ashley Ingram Sweet 16 Post Logo.fw

Extending the Program

Transplace customers have noted Transplace employees’ customer-service-centric culture. Recently, a leading manufacturer of trusted and recognized household and commercial brands wanted to know what Transplace does in terms of hiring and training for customer roles. After sharing an overview of our recruiting process and internal training, the customer asked us to come on-site to conduct a similar training tailored to 60 of their employees –which we viewed as an exciting new way to thrill our customer. Their employees interact with customers on a daily basis by phone, email and face-to-face interactions and are on the front lines representing their company and its respective brands much like the Transplace employees.

The training we provided was personalized to their business and core values – instead of using the same Transplace examples, we customized the session with examples of what they may face in their respective line of work. And, while the customer was certainly appreciative, the icing on the cake is knowing that Transplace has a system that works, gets noticed by outside entities and can be tailored and applied beyond our organization. It is important for all employees to realize that they play a critical role in “Thrilling the Customer,” whether the customer is internal or external. I couldn’t be more proud of this program that reinforces true company values at the core of its culture. And most deserving of the recognition for the high-quality service executed daily contributing to Transplace’s success is our greatest asset – our people!

A Guide to the Next-Step Network Modeling Process

Now more so than ever, companies understand the tremendous impact that logistics and transportation can have on their overall business performance and are taking meaningful strides to optimize their supply chain operations. And a next-step networking modeling project can deliver some serious ROI, including important data and KPIs that truly drive your supply chain strategy toward lean and efficient processes. These processes, in turn, will save your organization – and by extension, your customers – precious time, money and resources.

But what does the network modeling process entail? What is the process for planning, implementing and gathering meaningful outcomes from a project like this? The infographic below gives you the step-by-step info you need to tackle a next-gen network modeling project.

Network Modeling-01

*Click on the image above for full view.

Is your organization thinking of utilizing a network modeling project?

Transportation TIP List: Week of July 10th, 2016

Whether or not you’ve been swept up trying to “catch ‘em all” in the new mobile app sensation “Pokémon Go,” summer is a great time for staying active. This week’s TIP List is showcasing all of the most active trends in the transportation and logistics industry – including a helpful new web portal, the ongoing effect of the “Brexit” on global supply chains and potential logistics concerns in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Olympic Games. Catch ‘em all below!

  • USA Track Official Adds Logistics to Growing Concerns About Rio: The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will feature 3 key areas that aren’t very close together: the athletes’ village, the track team’s training center and Olympic Stadium. USA Track and Field CEO Max Siegel said that after a few visits to Brazil, “we realized logistics would be a problem.”
  • Declare Your Transportation Independence!: Regardless of which side of the political spectrum you find yourself, we can perhaps agree on one thing, and that is that the federal government continues to add rules, regulations and new requirements on the transportation industry.
  • Truckload Brokerage Roundtable: Tracking the Evolution: The ongoing ascent of truckload brokerage operations has been driven by several different factors, including the advent of truckload brokerage-specific technology advances, commonly referred to as the “Uberization” of the business, as well as both shippers and carriers needing to properly comply with current and evolving federal trucking regulations.
  • Container Weighing Rule Off to Smooth Start: The world’s ports operated as normal as a new container weighing rule that has roiled the shipping industry for months went into effect. Shippers had feared delays resulting from new procedures required by the rule.
  • Retail Sales During Core Back-to-School Shopping Months Will Climb: The back-to-school season will follow a disappointing 2015 holiday season and winter for many US retailers, but the remainder of 2016 should bring some moderate improvement. eMarketer expects US retail sales will increase 2.6% in 2016, up from 1.4% growth in 2015.
  • How Will Brexit Affect Global Supply Chains?: There has been a lot of doom and gloom surrounding Brexit. It is clear that in the short term Brexit has created uncertainty and roiled markets. However, in the longer term its impact may be minimal. It is mainly tariffs and trade restrictions that would have the largest impact on global supply chains.

What industry trends are catching your eye this week?

So Sweet — Transplace Turns 16!

CaptureBy: Jessica Lynch, Vice President of HR, Transplace

July is a sweet month for us as Transplace is celebrating our 16th anniversary as a company! Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing our “Sweet 16” with you here on Logistically Speaking in a number of ways. Since there would be no Transplace without its amazing people, we thought that it would be appropriate to focus on our employees at Team Transplace for this anniversary. In particular, we’ll be highlighting some of our internal employee programs, showcasing success stories about how our people have gone above and beyond as well as sharing some interesting stats about the internal makeup of Team Transplace.

What Team Transplace Means to Me

I’ve been working at Transplace for 14 years, and for me, it’s truly about the people. At every level, from the young members of our Professional Development Program to our leadership team, those who work at Transplace truly strive to excel. For me, working here means knowing that we truly live out our core values. We hold each other accountable for these values, and it’s important to us that we challenge ourselves to continually think of the customer first. Stressed by leadership and across the company is to treat employees with respect, which has in turn, led to them wanting to excel at their job of taking care of customers. To our customers, this directly translates into improved financial performance, operational excellence and confidence and peace of mind in us as your partner. It’s our employees who execute projects for our customers and always push themselves to do better, and we annually document how much savings we’ve given to our customers through these enhanced processes. What makes Transplace great is the fact that we don’t settle for status quo and we’re never satisfied, and this shines through in how our employees are constantly striving to, “Thrill the Customer.”

Employee Growth and Responsibility

At Transplace, we encourage employees to grow and take on more responsibility through a natural career progression. We have a number of employees who began within one account team at Transplace and quickly moved up into a senior management role. We believe it’s important to share these stories and award those who are excelling at what they do.

We’ll be sharing more details about the various Transplace recognition programs that are designed to:

  • Reward employee contributions that align to the Mission, Core Values, Leadership Principles and Corporate Goals at Transplace
  • Provide employees visibility into eligibility, participation and nomination mechanics
  • Vary from broad participation to highly selective and very meaningful rewards to highlight outstanding employee performance

So stay tuned for more Sweet 16 posts to come all month long featuring different employee programs, highlights of our company and true stories about our amazing top employees!

Transportation TIP List: Week of July 3rd, 2016

As we come back from the long holiday weekend, we bring you up to speed with updates in the transportation, supply chain and logistics world that you may have missed! From the Panama Canal getting a much needed makeover to the SOLAS weighing solution that is still in progress, we’ve got these industry hot topics covered for you.

  • Trucking Industry Invests $9.5 Billion in Safety, ATA Says: The trucking industry invests at least $9.5 billion in safety annually according to the American Trucking Associations. The investments include collision avoidance systems, electronic hours of service logging technologies as well as driver safety training, driver safety incentive pay and compliance with safety regulations.
  • SOLAS Solution For Railed US Exports Still in Progress: U.S. marine terminals and the container lines that serve them are coming around to a streamlined SOLAS approach using pre-existing weighing process, but how containers moving to on-dock ramps will be weighed is still being worked out just days before the rule takes effect.
  • Cargo Theft Firm Issue Warnings Ahead of July 4 Weekend: With July 4 falling on a Monday this year, CargoNet warns thefts could be worse than normal. Between July 2 and July 9 from 2012 to 2015, truckloads of non-alcoholic beverages, major appliances and copper were some of the most popular thefts.
  • Consumer Confidence Rises to Eight-Month High: Consumer confidence rose to an eight-month high as Americans became somewhat more optimistic about the economy. Consumer expectations gauge for the next six months rose to a five-month high. Measure of present conditions advanced to 118.3, the second-strongest reading since September 2007.
  • G75: Inbound Logistics’ 75 Green Supply Chain Partners: The annual G75 list showcases the sustainability best practices companies employ in their supply chain, logistics, and transportation operations. Inbound Logistics chose the G75 based on four benchmarks: measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition.

What other hot topics caught your attention over the weekend?

Happy Independence Day, America!

This year’s Fourth of July commemorates the 240th anniversary of the United States claiming its independence from Britain. Many Americans celebrate that freedom and independence with cookouts, picnics, parades and family gatherings. And as with any great summer celebration, you need to have the essentials — including fireworks to top off the night! Let’s take a look at all of the party planning and logistics that goes into this national commemorative day.

Read the infographic below to find out more!


4th of July-01


*Click on the image above for full view.

How are you celebrating the Fourth of July weekend?

Transportation TIP List: Week of June 26th, 2016

In anticipation of the Fourth of July, our TIP List celebrates transportation trends making an impact near and far. New drone rules from the FAA and the U.K.’s ‘Brexit’ vote to increasing NAFTA trade growth – the transportation industry is bursting with exciting new developments.

  • FAA completes landmark rules for commercial drones: New drone rules from the Federal Aviation Administration limit most small commercial drone operations to daylight hours and require operators to get certified every two years. The rules mark the FAA’s first attempt at a comprehensive plan to ensure the popular remote-controlled aircraft can safely share the skies with commercial craft.
  • U.K.’s ‘Brexit’ Vote Changes European Business World: Executives from Europe Inc. woke up last Friday to a new world. British voters chose to leave the European Union, British broadcasters forecast, defying months of pleas from the country’s biggest corporate titans, who wanted to remain in the bloc.
  • Gasoline Demand Zooms to Record as Prices at Pump Plummet: U.S. drivers are burning gasoline at a record pace this summer as they take advantage of the lowest prices at the pump in more than a decade. Consumption has risen 3.9% from a year ago, while the average retail price for the motor fuel has tumbled 17.
  • Alt fuel engines expected to gain market share over next 5 years: While diesel engines currently make up 98.5 percent of the Class 8 market share in North America, a new report says that dominance will lessen within the next 5 years. The transition will be stoked by impending GHG Phase Two regulations and growth of vertical integration across the supply chain.
  • Cass Freight Index Drops 5.8% Year-Over-Year: The Cass Freight Index that primarily measures truck shipments dropped 5.8% year-over-year last month, but it was 1.3% higher than April amid some sequential signs of modestly improving freight conditions. “The current economic outlook is volatile, which has led to slow, uneven growth,” said the report.
  • Truck Tonnage Index Up 2.7% in May; Up 5.7% from May 2015: The American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index increased 2.7 percent in May, following a revised 1.7 percent drop during April.  “Following two consecutive decreases totaling 6 percent, May was a nice increase in truck tonnage,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello.
  • NAFTA trade growth bucks global slowdown, but brings capacity challenges: Cross-border freight volumes are rising in Laredo, Texas, the largest U.S.-Mexican border crossing for trucks, and in Detroit, the largest truck crossing on the Canadian border. Record demand for cars and light trucks in the U.S. and a shift in global shipper supply chain strategies that favors Mexican ports and manufacturing are driving an increase in the volume of goods trucked across the U.S.-Mexico border.

What transportation trends are revolutionizing your business?